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my son got a few from his school, 1 is for a free kids buffet the other is for 5 dollars in tokens they expire 9/30/12 we dont really go here that much 

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brown and tan maxi cosi umbrella stroller, used but still in good working condition no phone calls please 

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My friend's cell died & she's not eligible for new one until Nov. She even replaced the battery & it still dies almost immediatly. Anyone have one she can have?

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Local Globe Time Clock

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 10:23 AM PDT

The progress made in the development of the means of transport seems to have shrunken space, so now you can get from one place to another on the opposite side of the world in a matter of hours. We fixed this, but we can’t fix the problem with the perception of time when you have to travel over so much land and also have to adjust to different local hours. It is incredible that you leave Greece at noon and arrive in Paris or London in the morning, actually earlier if you look at the local time. It is almost like traveling in time. This Local Time Clock is illustrative for my thoughts, as it shows the dial like a blue Earth with white continents and silver clock arms pointing at the hour.

The clock arms end with two beautiful shiny aircrafts that seem to fly over the globe in an attempt to chase time. You do not need any numbers to show you the hour and minute because you will infer it from the context, as you are already used to their positioning beforehand. I guess this item is the perfect gift for a friend or boyfriend that lives on a different time and also an amazingly beautiful home accessory since it looks just like a peace of heaven with fluffy white clouds in between. The item can be bought now for $49.99 from Mod Cloth.

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Eco-friendly Seating by 608 Design

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 09:50 AM PDT

608 Design creates contemporary furniture that makes a bold statement in the home. Helmed by Evan Bare, 608 Design is based in Toronto, Canada. Although the color palette is subtle and classic, it is the strong boxy silhouettes and tweaked traditional details thet set the seats apart from their competition.

Evan Bare designs and builds a collection of environmentally conscious upholstered seating. The line we are going to show you is made fo that the pieces can be taken apart for transportation, or just to make it easier to replace one when needed. A great thing about them is thefact that they feature incorporated storage for your clutter. What’s more, it has a modular SMS design, that allows you to add components whenever you need extra seating. It starts with an armless chair, which you can make a club chair or even a loveseat or a sofa by just adding some universal arms.

608 Design has other beautiful, functional chairs in their collection. For example, the Thru chair which is an updated version of an old tuxedo style chair, or the classic Annex Club chair with clean lines, or the Annex Wingback that started as the Annex Club but with an added module, or the Toffel chair. Their furniture is convertible, provides versatile pieces that are perfect for both small and big spaces.

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10 Easy DIY Serving Trays

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 06:35 AM PDT

The pleasure you get when you get up in the morning and there's a delicious breakfast in bed waiting for you can't really be compared with anything else. But you can make the experience even more pleasant with a lovely serving tray. Also, serving trays can be used on numerous other occasions and they are very useful to have in the house.Personalize your serving tray and even make your own. Have a look at some of these examples to see how.

1. Birdie serving tray.

Materials needed: hot iron transfers, iron wooden tray, woodburning tool, damp rag.

Instructions: cut the pattern you wish to transfer and place it on the tray, in the position of your choice. transfer the pattern onto the tray using a hot, dry iron. Make sure the pattern paper doesn't move during the process. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds. Plug in the woodburning tool and burn in the design. Prepare a damp cloth to wipe the tip while doing that. Remove the pattern paper and trace the design.{found on designsponge}.

2. Old tray turned modern.

Materials needed: a tray, primer, spray paint, scrapbook papers, a pencil, scissors, scrap paper, mod podge, a sponge or brush, some cups and tape.

Instructions: apply the primer onto the tray in order to get a lighter color. If the tray is not as dark as the one in the example you can skip this step. Spray on two coats of paint. Get the cups, containers or anything circular and, using scrap paper, trace around them. Using scrap paper, cut out triangles of different sizes and tape the smaller ones to the longer triangles to create the branches for the trees. Arrange everything on the tray and get the scrapbook paper. Once you have everything ready, mark the bottom and one side of each circle to know where to place it and glue them to the tray. Then add the tree trunks and the branches. Apply one or two coats of mod podge across the flat surface of the tray and it's all done.{found on lemon}.

3. Sea glass mosaic tray.

Materials needed: a tray, ready-to-use tile adhesive, premixed grout, a toothed towel, a rubber tile float and a sponge.

Instructions: Apply a thin coat of adhesive to a small part of the tray base. Use a toothed towel and simply comb the teeth through the adhesive. Put some grout on the rubber float and start pressing and smearing it into the sea glass. Take a clean, damp sponge and gently remove the thicker layer of grout from the top of the sea glass. Use a clean wet sponge to clean the glass and you're done.{found on sandandsisal}.

4. Etched map serving tray.

Materials needed: window pane, Armour Etch, a utility knife, clear contact paper, a paintbrush, a roadmap, 2 decorative knobs.

Instructions: using the size of the frame as a model, print a roadmap of your choice. Tape the map to the underside of the window. Apply clear contact paper to the top of the frame. Cut out each road by tracing the map on the underside of the window using the utility knife and a ruler. Remove the cut out sections. Apply a thick coat of Armour Etch over the exposed glass areas and let it dry. Wash thoroughly and remove all the extra contact paper. Attach the drawer handles.{found on designsponge}.

5. Scrabble serving tray.

Materials needed: a tray, new handles, 2 screws, an old Scrabble game, glue, resin.

Instructions: clean the tray and remove the old handles if you wish to replace them. Spread some glue on the flat surface of the tray and apply the scrabble letters. Let it dry. Attach the new handles with screws. If there are letters left, glue some on the handles as well. Let everything sit for about a day and then pour over resin and spread it across the tray.{found on junkmailgemsblog}.

6. Decorative paper tray.

Materials needed: an unfinished wooden tray, wood-friendly paint, decorative paper, mod podge, a paintbrush, a cutting mat and a ruler.

Instructions: paint the tray in the color of your choice. Apply two coats and let it dry. Measure the inside of the tray and trim the decorative paper to size. Apply a coat of mod podge to the inside bottom of the tray and lay the paper in. Press and smooth everything as you go. Apply a second layer of mod podge and add some personalized decorations such as photos, fabric scraps, etc. Apply one or two more layers of mod podge to seal.{found on prudentbaby}.

7. Wine cork serving tray

Materials needed: a tray, wine corks, glue, black paint.

Instructions: Paint the tray black and let it dry. Then align the wine corks and try to come up with a design that you like. Also, decide how many corks you will use. Remove them and start to glue them to the tray one by one until it's all covered in recycled wine corks.

8. Picture frame tray.

Materials needed: an old picture frame, two drawer handles, screws.

Instructions: Find an old picture frame that has glass on both sides. Decide what you wish to put inside. It can anything from photos to notes, fabric swatches or even a towel. Insert the item in the frame. Then attach the drawer handles. Drill holes in the frame and use screws to secure the handles. You can also paint the tray if you want.{found on site}.

9. Zig-zag serving tray.

Materials needed: a wooden wine serving tray, white contact paper, metallic gold tape, a knife.

Instructions: if your box doesn't have handles, add some. Then apply plain white contact paper to the bottom of the tray. Using metallic gold tap, place stripes at random angles and make sure to leave each strip of tape equidistant from the next. Trim and clean the edges of the contact paper and tape.{found on lovelyindeed}.

10. Chalkboard serving tray.

Materials needed: a porcelain platter, painter's tape, chalkboard paint for porcelain surfaces, a soft bristle paint brush, a kitchen oven.

Instructions: Clean the platter and let it dry. Use painter's tape to mask off the edges. Apply the paint with a soft bristle brush. Apply two thin coats of paint and let each one dry. Remove the tape as you as you are done painting. Let it dry for 24 hours and then bake the platter. Turn off the oven and leave the platter inside until it cools down.{found on witandwhistle}.

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Two funny shower curtains

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 04:58 AM PDT

The bathroom is not usually perceived as a particularly fun place to be in. But this doesn't mean you can't change that. Add a fun detail to your bathroom with one of these shower curtains. The shower curtain is an important element because it's the detail that can change the entire atmosphere. Given its dimensions, it's impossible to miss and it can really have an important influence on the décor of the bathroom.

The first fun shower curtain we found for you is this one. It's called the Social Shower Curtain. It looks like a page from a social network and it basically offers information about itself. It's an ingenious idea that was inspired by the increasing importance of social networks these days. The curtain even has a transparent section in the place where the profile photo should be. You can buy this fun piece for only $15.

The second one is the Test Pattern shower curtain. Its name basically tells us everything we need to know about it. The curtain features the test pattern displayed on TV where there's no signal. It has a fun and eye-catching pattern and the color combination and balance is also beautiful. As for the image featured on the curtain, it can be interpreted in numerous ways. This one is available at the price of $31. Both shower curtains are great for modern bathrooms.

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A stylish master bathroom makeover

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 03:25 AM PDT

Be your bathroom as beautiful as it may, at one point you're still going to feel the need for a change. Everything grows old, including furniture and interior decors. This bathroom, as you can see, was not a complete disaster when its owners decided to transform it. It fact, it was simple and quite nice actually. But it didn't have anything that would allow it to stand out. As a result, its owners decided it was time for a makeover.

During the process, many changes have been made. The bathroom is almost unrecognizable. What used to be simple and boring is now chic and stylish. Many of the basic elements have been modified. For example, the tiled floor was replaced with a lovely wooden floor with a dark stain, not a very common feature for bathrooms but one that matches this décor beautifully. The walls also underwent some serious changes. They are now completely white and no longer have that portion covered by stoneware.

Notice that the bathtub has been relocated and replaced with a freestanding unit that not only saves space but also adds style. The mirror is now placed on the opposite wall and has a chic golden frame. And since the cabinet and sink were removed, the basin had to be replaced as well. It now has its own little corner featuring beautiful wallpaper with stylish prints and a black background. It's like a sanctuary now. The black mirror with intricate details on the frame also fits wonderfully in that space.{found on abchao}.

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7 Quick Ideas To Make Your Front Door Pop

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 02:21 AM PDT

Making your front door pop the absolute cherry on top of the ultimate stylish home. Your front door isn’t just a way to get inside your home, it also acts as its first impression. Whether bold, classy or completely out-of-the-box, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to your walk-in space just as much as the rest of your home. Remember, it’s the first and last thing your guests will see when they come over!

1. Artsy Spirals.

Adding intricate details and designs to your front door is one of the many ways to make your entryway explode with creativity. There’s so many different ways to add this type of decor, whether using a screen or fencing, but no matter what, these kinds of lines can be seen from afar and definitely create something magical.

2. Fire Engine Red.

Want something a bit bolder? Try a fire engine red. If you’ve gone light siding or a lighter brick, paint your door a vibrant red. It’ll avert everyone’s attention and create a fun, playful atmosphere.

3. Sunshine Yellow.

Are you wondering who lives inside this sunshine-y wonderland? If you’ve got a blue house, yellow will only enhance its tone. Pairing these two opposites make the entire house pop and demand a smile!

4. Orange You Glad?

Orange is one of the more eclectic choices when it comes to front doors. A white house is the best option if you want to go with an orange tone, but when you do pair the two … it’s beautiful! Another playful way to dress your entryway and a simple way to create something completely design-worthy.

5. Outline it too!

If you don’t want to commit to anything too daring, just use an outline. Keep a neutral shade on your door (but different from you house’s colors) and outline it with something in an opposite color family. It’ll frame the door and make it pop without causing too much “noise.”

6. Down-to-Earth.

Maybe your a bit more chill than hot pinks and bright yellows. Find a beautiful, classic wood door to refresh this space. It’s still quite stylish but completely cozy and homey. Plus you can also add a bit of color to frame the door with this option too!

7. Bubble gum pink.

Feeling feminine and completely daring? Try a bright pink or a dark fuscia. Both colors make a statement and add a lot of girlish charm.

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Modern Minimalist Residence in Tokyo

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 01:07 AM PDT

Mita Residence is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan and was designed by YJP Architecture and Toyoda and Associates. Situated on a sloped street that connects a busy commercial region with a residential area, this lovely house is a warm and welcoming place to land.

The architects had one challenge, which was to place the house within bigger scale buildings while conforming to the tight envelope of the zoning regulations. Not only did they manage to do so, but they also ensured a comfortable and spacious living environment. Moreover the design aimed for a more efficiently possibility of housing for up to three families withour sacrificing the living quality.

The form of the building is obtained from the typical Japanese shop-house seen throughout Tokyo. Furthermore the interior presents minimalism in its best form: clean but not overbearingly cold. Neutral colors were used throughout the entire place in order to give it a warm atmosphere. Also, the huge windows flood the space with natural light, giving it a sense of openness.

Mita Residence is the perfect place to start your life. It is a lovely contemporary home and a sanctuary to retreat to. The perfect reflection of beauty, this house is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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White Whale Wall Accessory

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 10:49 PM PDT

White whales are in danger of extinction, so we all think they are very rare and important for this world. We even learn about them since childhood, once we get to know Moby Dick and its adventures. So we realize we all love white whales without considering the matter too much. So why not use the portrait of such a cute animal to decorate the walls of or homes? This White Whale Wall Accessory is perfect for a teenager’s room or for bringing youth and dream to any room . If you paint your wall light blue it will be the perfect fantasy with oceans and voyages and white whales that you had as a child.

This beautiful home accessory is designed by Dolan Geiman, an artist from Chicago and it is both funny and beautiful. It us carefully made of wood, covered with scalloped leather and leatherette pieces. These pieces look like the “scales”on a fish and they make a great picture when put together. The artistic stylized whale is perfectly completed with a zipper for the mouth and a blue eye. A metal wire at the back allows you to hang it on the wall. The product is handmade in India and can be purchased for $64 from Urban Outfitters.

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The Contemporary Sunset Vale House by WOW Architects

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 10:00 PM PDT

Most of the times, we try to bring a little piece of nature inside our home so that we can feel closer to the outdoor environment. But some people decide to take this concept even further. Some houses have designs that have been influences by the landscape and that try to take advantage of it as much as possible. This house, for example, is a residence that was built around the landscape and that focuses on integrating the garden into the house itself.

This is the Sunset Vale house. It's located in Singapore and it was a project by WOW Architects. The clients requested a contemporary residence that would embrace the landscape and would integrate it into its design. The residence was completed in 2008 and the results were more than beautiful. The clients had a very interesting vision. They basically wanted to invert the typical "house in garden" design and to create a house that incorporates the garden, a sort of "garden in house"

The residence features three levels, all based on the same principle. The distinction between interior and exterior is difficult to distinguish and the transition is smooth and seamless. Each kevel and even each room has a small portion dominated by natural elements. For example, the living room is separated from the covered lounge area by a small portion filled with clear water with pebbles on the bottom and a small island with a tree. The roof is designed similarly to this area but on a larger scale.

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Vintage Leather Abbott Sofa

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 08:35 PM PDT

If you want a vintage décor for your living room the easiest way is to start with the sofa. It's the most important piece of furniture from the room, followed by the wall unit and the coffee table. A vintage sofa can set the tone for the whole décor. There are many beautiful models to choose from and one of them is the Abbott Sofa.

The Abbott Sofa features a strong and sturdy construction. It's crafted with a wooden frame that is entirely hidden under the upholstery. It has a chestnut finish and the only visible parts are the feet, which are small and short. The sofa is upholstered in cigar leather and has vintage details with antique brass nail heads that give it an even more persistent vintage charm. The overall dimensions of the sofa are 84″W x 34″D x 28″H. the seat height is 17.5'', seat depth is 24'' and arm height is 28''.

And since the style is vintage, this means that the more you use the sofa, the more beautiful and vintage the leather will look. However, there are some things to consider. For example, keep the sofa out of direct sunlight because it will damage the upholstery. Also, avoid using detergents, polishes or saddle soap for the same reasons. You can keep it clean by using a soft cloth dampened with distilled water or you can simply vacuum it.Available for 3,160$.

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