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[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] Taken-toiletries-Montclair


[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] Offer-toiletries-Montclair


I have a freezer bag full of toiletries, hotel shampoos/conditioners/body wash and some sample perfumes. Priority to a fast puck up thanks

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[ClermontFLReUseIt] Offer: Lost Lake Elementary Uniform Polo Shirts-- Greater Pines Hancock/50


Two navy, two light blue and one hunter green, all youth medium.  Excellent condition, no stains or tears. 
Greater Pines off of Hancock and 50

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Google‘s new London headquarters

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 10:48 AM PDT

We have analyzed Google's philosophy in interior design on several occasions. By now we already know that they prefer to focus on functionality and efficiency rather than looks and opulent elements. Once again, we have the opportunity to take a look at their headquarters. This time it's the one that was newly designed in London.

It was a project by PENSON and it combined elements that define the city and elements specific to the company and its philosophy. The color palette includes the specific shades also found in the other Google offices and headquarters. This time the differences are visible and the historic element is quite strong. The interior was decorated with Union Jack flags and old-fashioned furniture. The result is a space divided into several areas with specific functions and decors.

The headquarters features both indoor and outdoor work spaces as well as a series of work-related and recreational areas. There's also a gym, a dance studio, a café and a large event room names Town Hall that can accommodate 200 persons. The communal areas resemble traditional living rooms. They feature rocking chairs, cozy poufs and high-back armchairs. The outdoor work areas are called Secret Gardens and the whole design has a tendency to be somewhere in between past and present, fantasy and reality. The company's logo is represented in a more eye-catching manner than usual, with tiny lights that outline its contour.

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Embroidered Mansoor Cushions

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 10:00 AM PDT

Cushions are some of the most common elements to be used as decorations and accent pieces for the interior. They are usually used as a means to bring color and texture into a décor and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The Mansoor cushions are a type of decoration that adds not only color to a décor but also helps create a cozy and inviting environment.

The Mansoor cushions are hand-crafted and the feature a variety of designs. They can have numerous patterns and they feature a wide variety of colors as well. They are vibrant and chic pieces and they can be used as accent elements for a variety of decors. Because of their design, they are suitable for both modern and traditional interiors. The patterns are a combination of vintage and modern and the colors differ and can be both vibrant and rustic.

These beautiful cushions are crafted by the villagers of Kashmiri and they are all unique. A particular model features chevron patterns and bold colors. Their dimensions are 70 cm x 40 cm. All cushions have beautiful and intricate embroidered patterns and they are sold as covers only. They are made of 100% wool and can be bought at the price of $145. Since each one is made by hand, it each has unique characteristics and can be considered a one-of-a-kind piece.

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The Artist Bruno Mars’ New Acquisition

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 08:40 AM PDT

The life of an artist may present all sorts of advantages but also inconvenient may appear too. An artist is easily recognized on the street, admired by almost everybody but at the same time paparazzi may cause him or her all kinds of problems which may affect his or her image. Besides celebrity, money is also another advantage. An artist may afford expensive and refined things like a luxury property, an exotic vacation or expensive cars.

Bruno Mars, a well-known young singer and songwriter bought him a contemporary residence in Los Angeles, in the famous location Laurel Canyon. It is a place where many celebrities seemed to choose it. The on-storey house covers a surface of 4,064 square feet, has three bedrooms and 3. 5 bathrooms. Here you do not worry about the parking place for your car as a walled and double-gated motor court, a three car garage and driveway offer plenty of space for many vehicles. The front façade of the house is impressive due to its eight Calcutta marble columns.

Contrastive nuances dominate all the interiors of the house. The entrance hallway is a black and white combination with tall front doors. The modern living area is a white and dark blue combination. The beautiful fireplace creates a warm ambiance while the white pieces of furniture add more elegance and calm to this place. The dining area is a combination of rustic and modern due to the wooden diner table and the white elegant chairs.

Whether we refer to the spacious bedrooms, bathrooms or the nice office area, each of these areas is dominated by white, a nuance which increases the idea of more light and space. The floor to ceiling windows offer wonderful views of the outside surroundings for each of the rooms of the house while the nice patio and the outside swimming pool represent great places for relaxation. Modern amenities and luxury items cannot be absent here especially when the price of the house was of $3,254,000.

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Bathroom and Living Room With An Industrial Touch

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 07:26 AM PDT

Until recently I had a preconceived idea about industrial design and in my defense I have to say that industrial design I know wasn't so refined like the one you see now on each major design firm.To show you the other side of the industrial design I'm going to start presenting this modern bathroom from Detroit. The location and design are connected through a coincidence maybe, but I like to think that this happened for a reason. Detroit has a history with heavy machinery and industry in general, this particular thing influenced the designer to create another version of this story.

One, more refined and with a pleasant, clean look. Although big bolts and large bended pieces of steel aren't the lightest and fragile decorative elements, the designer managed somehow to put them in another perspective. I like the pedals underneath the sink, a strong reminder that you are in a very important automotive center. The overall idea is interesting and worthy of appreciation. {found on site}.

If you thought that industrial style-design can't look any better you're wrong. Look at this living area, it is spacious, clean and surprisingly it feels warm, a very uncommon thing for a place made put of exposed steel beams and huge glass doors and windows. The fact that so much natural light enters through the large transparent portion of the structure and also the fact that this particular layout focuses on open space solutions transforms this house in a very nice place to be in any season. In the summer there is the idea of coolness thanks to the concrete walls and steel beams and in the winter, the fireplace ads the feeling of protection and comfort.

I'll have to confess when I first heard about industrial style, open space design I thought it would look like a garage. Luckily it doesn't, by the contrary, it looks pretty good actually.{found on site}

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Delightfully-renovated Somerset West home

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 05:37 AM PDT

This beautiful residence is located in Somerset West, Western Cape. It's a lovely home and it has a simple but charming design. It features a flat roof and it resembles a box with an exposed brick exterior. The house has been renovated in June 2010. It was a project led by Evi and Jochem Elsner who managed to transform the house into one of the most charming homes there are.

The house features a strong Nordic influences and it has many authentic details. It's also a very well balanced structure. The exterior makes it seem humble while the interior looks very chic and stylish. It's a combination between subtle and contrasting styles and the result is this unpretentious and yet elegant and charming design. The designers used a variety of natural materials to preserve the same authentic feel that house originally had.

The renovation brought with it a multitude of elegant textures and colors. Most of them are neutral and classical with a hint of vintage. The designers wanted to preserve the original charm of the house but they also wanted to avoid creating a replica of a design that lacks imagination. For that, they analyzed the history of the house and came up with their own version of the design. They made the house seem brighter and they did that by lifting the ceiling and the roof. They managed to create a chic Nordic décor for the interior where the atmosphere is serene and pleasant.{found on rosesandrustblogger}.

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Candela Cube Interesting Lamp

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 04:18 AM PDT

I find mirrors fascinating and I consider them more than just an object of vanity for men and especially women. Many scientists have studied mirrors and their use in optical phenomena, one of the first ones being Archimedes. Stories say that Archimedes even used very large mirrors to focus the sunlight and set fire on the sails of the enemy Roman fleet. Historians have not found out any proof that this was true or not, but the story suggests at least the ancient preoccupation for the study of mirrors. Mirrors were also used in spreading light since the time of the famous lighthouse in Alexandria. Well, the same principle is used this time in building this Candela Cube Interesting Lamp that is modern and nice looking and very interesting as design.

Basically this is a table lamp and it uses an incandescent 25W bulb (that is not included in the price) that is placed inside a cube that has mirrors on the interior walls and which spreads the light through the two transparent faces remaining. The visual effect is amazing, as you can see the reflection of the light bulb and also of the light cast and the golden edges of the cube only enhance the impact. The table lamp is very interesting and available on MomaStore for $145.

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10 of our favorite bedroom interior decors

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 12:47 AM PDT

It should be simple, but it's not. Decorating a bedroom is more complicated then we usually think. It's not enough to just choose a bed and a storage unit and fit them in the same room. You have to pay attention to numerous other details. The whole décor needs to feel like a harmonious space and you need to carefully choose all the decorations and elements that complement the basic furniture pieces. Each person prefers certain characteristics and has a favorite style. We managed to select 10 of our favorite bedroom interior decors. We hope you share the same preferences or that you can at least find elements that you like in these examples.

1. Even though this is a small bedroom, it has been beautifully decorated. We like its cozyness and the way everything fits without making it feel cramped. The modern bed is complemented by vintage-inspired bedding and decorative pillows. It's been placed in front of the window, leaving enough space for other essentials as well. The bedroom has a rich color palette complemented by various patterns and textures.

2. We go now from a generous color palette to a monochromatic décor. This bedroom features various shades of the same color: yellow. The designer played with textures and patterns to create a dynamic décor. Everything here seems to match perfectly and the color shades complement each other beautifully.

3. This is a more dynamic bedroom with more vibrant and fun colors. It features splashes of pink and floral prints that give it a strong feminine feel. The combinations of blue, pink as well as white and dark tones are bold and vibrant. We particularly like the accent features that include the wall art, the decorative pillows and the stacked mirrors.

4. The white and blue combination is serene and refreshing. It's a classical mix and it can be used to create a variety of different decors. This one is cozy and casual. It features a chic tufted headboard, functional shelving and a practical display area for accessories, books, decorations, etc. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing.

5. In this case the star of the bedroom is definitely the headboard. It's a beautiful and also functional accent feature and it helps create an elegant and almost dramatic décor. The imposing, oversized headboard is attenuated by the throw pillows and their patterned and chic covers. The rest of the furniture is minimalist.

6. Another way of obtaining a dynamic interior, besides using color, is with the help of pattern and texture. We have here a soothing and elegant bedroom with pops of pattern that create subtle but strong focal points. The neutral walls are complemented by the chic bedding and curtains. The patterns are bold and the colors are delicate.

7. A bedroom, in order to feel relaxing, needs to be bright. This doesn't mean you should use white furniture exclusively. Traditional, dark-stained furniture can be just as beautiful. In this case, the contrast between the light and dark tones is very beautiful. The decorations are great accent features and the most interesting is the mirror.

8. This is a cottage-style bedroom. As expected, it's very cozy and inviting. The colors are delicate pastels and they are combined with floral patterns weathered finishes. It's a very bright and soothing space with many stylish details such as the lamp, the curtains or the headboard and frame of the bed.

9. This is another colorful bedroom but this time featuring a more artistic décor. The pale shades and pastels are complemented by contrasting finishes and textures. The metallic footstools are an unusual detail but they integrate elegantly into the design. The chandelier is also an exquisite detail.

10. The final example is a bedroom that features a variety of graphical elements. It has a stylish chandelier that creates a contrasting image in combination with all those vintage-style furniture pieces and modern geometric prints. The curtains have a retro feel and the whole décor is eclectic.{all pics from bhg}.

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Stylish and creative designs from BKK Architects

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 11:37 PM PDT

Designing the interior of a house is a complicated process but it only gets to be done after the exterior was designed and after the house has been built. Designing the exterior of a house is probably the most difficult part of the whole process.It's why beautiful designs are so much more appreciated. BKK Architects is a Melbourne-based architectural firm that was founded by Tim Black, Julian Kosloff and Simon Knott in 2000.

It's a form that is no stranger to success and recognition. It won multiple awards and it is well known for its creativity when it comes to ingenious and unique designs. These are some examples with some of their most appreciated and renowned creations. The exterior designs they have created are not only artificial structures meant to protect the inhabitants. They are a form of art on a large scale.

The houses feature designs and shapes that allow them to naturally integrate into the surroundings or to stand out, depending on the client's desires and on the type of landscape. Before even beginning to design a house, the architect have to carefully study the site, its surroundings, the climate, the vegetation and a multitude of other elements. Only after that they get to come up with the perfect design for that particular area. Their understanding of the landscape is remarkable and their designs stand out as some of the most inspiring and beautiful.

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Mammoth Oak Wingchair

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 10:40 PM PDT

This is the Mammoth chair. Given its name, we would expect it to be a little more imposing. The armchair is quite sleek in fact. Of course, it could be just a clever strategy that induces the idea of greatness just so that we wouldn't find the piece so bulky. Whatever the strategy was, the Mammoth chair is surprisingly slender and slim.

The armchair was designed by Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard for NORR 11. It's a hand-crafted piece of furniture and it's made of oak wood. It actually comes in two variants. On one hand, we have the "Fluffy" version. This one is an upholstered model featuring premium fabric. On the other hand, there's also the "Slim" version of the chair and this model comes with leather upholstery and has a more slender look.

Both versions of the chair have been inspired by the shape of the mammoth. Of course, it's a very simple representation with few consistencies. It has a simple and timeless design inspired by the classic Scandinavian design art and it's also a contemporary representation of the classical wing chair. It has an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort and its overall dimensions are 89 cm width x 87 cm depth x 104 cm height. The design is identical for both versions and only the materials used for the upholstery are different.

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Two creative designs from Charles de Lisle

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 10:00 PM PDT

It would take us forever to describe the whole portfolio of interior designer Charles de Lisle. It wouldn't be fun for neither of us so, instead of doing that, we decided to only show you two of his most interesting creations. After this you can form an opinion about the rest of his work.

These are two particularly striking elements that express the designer's character and style. One of them is a light fixture that presents a very unusual design. It has an apparently chaotic structure, resembling nothing but a bunch of cables suspended on a pole. However, this is a statement piece, a contemporary creation that was designed to serve as a focal point for areas such as the dining room or living room.

The second element we wanted to show you is a striking coffee table. Structurally, it's nothing but a large piece of tangled rope trapped inside a glass cuboid. It's an ingenious coffee table that takes simple elements seen in any home, things that we usually ignore or perceive as trivial, and takes them to a whole new level. Both the pendant lamp and the coffee table are minimalist creations and wonderful statement pieces for any contemporary home. Because of their simplicity and triviality of materials, they are very versatile and able to match almost any décor.

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