Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[ClermontFLReUseIt] OFFER: 4 guinea pigs (Orlando/ sea world)


I have 2 10wk old guinea pigs (not sure if the are male or female yet 1 is
dark brown & white the other is light brown & white with red eyes)& 2
guinea pigs (both dark brown & white) will be ready to leave their Mom by
June 15th i would like to give them to a family that would like to have a
small pet & would be able to take care of them. Our 2 piggies were supposed
to be fixed (per. the pet store) but apparently not lol now we r going
crazy with sooooo many piggies they get expensive to feed when u have 8 of
them we can't really afford to keep these babies but dont want to give them
to the aspca i would rather find them homes now Dad & Mom piggies live
apart now so we can't have anymore babies Daddy is going ti the vet to be
fixed. please e-mail me if u want a New Fun pet for free!!!!

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