Saturday, December 1, 2012

[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] File - Where's My Post


Dear New Freecycle Member,

We welcome you to our Group and look forward to your participation in Ontario California Freecycle.

Sometimes new members are not sure why their requests to post an item did not show up. (It happens to long term members, too!)

Here are some possible reasons why your post did not go through.

If you sent a request for an OFFER or a WANTED review the guidelines for posting items that were sent to you as a new member.

Most often it is the format of the subject line which creates the delay.

Every post that comes through to us must have either OFFER, WANTED, RECEIVED, or TAKEN as the first word in the subject line.

Then a brief description of the item should be followed by the city that you live in. We do not accept zip codes or cross streets on this line. We serve several cities and not everyone knows where a zip code is located.

When posting a request you are also required to list your city. If you are willing to travel to nearby cities you may state that in the body of the e mail. We do not accept posts with addresses or phone numbers.

Other reasons for your post not being approved include too much personal information. Remember your post goes to hundreds of strangers in the area and even though we like to think that everyone is a good neighbor, we do not want anyone to become vulnerable to people whose intentions are not good. It does happen.

One other reason could be posting too many items separately when three or more should go on one post. We are all dealing with cluttered mailboxes and would prefer that our Freecycle members do not contribute to the problem.

So please review the guidelines originally sent to you when you joined and resubmit any posts after you correct the small problems. That will make it easier for those who so willingly volunteer their time to maintain the group activities and assure that your posts go through quickly.

You are welcome to ask any questions you are not sure about so you can participate in this worthy community activity.

Ontario California Freecycle

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