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[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] File - Reminder


This is just a friendly reminder of the rules and proper posting etiquette. Please read it over even if you already know the rules. You may find something that you didn't see before.

* 1. NO SPAM or other forms of advertising or announcements allowed. Please don't send signature lines with your ads.

* 2. All items offered must belong to you or someone who has given you permission to Freecycle them. (No ads will be accepted for piles of discarded items behind stores or on your neighbor's sidewalk, for example.) Your Freecycled items must be legal (most software licenses prohibit transfer), appropriate for all ages and offered for free. No ads for guns, money, trading, bartering, borrowing or searching for apartments, dates, tickets, jobs or services to buy or sell will be accepted.

* 3. Please be nice. When you place any type of ad do not use all capital letters. In internet jargon this is considered yelling. Many people find it extremely offensive as they feel they are being yelled at. I know that this is done unintentionally however it is still done. Please be considerate.

* 4. Please use one of the four following in your subject line and also list the item. Ads with incomplete subject lines won't be accepted. Subject lines for OFFERED items *MUST* include your location (The City you are located in or where the pick up is to take place) as well as the item listed.

OFFERED: - (your item) - *LOCATION* (The city in which the item is to be picked up)
TAKEN: - (your item) (Only the gifter is to post a TAKEN ad)
WANTED: - (item [Please use this one sparingly])
RECEIVED: - (item)

(A sample subject line: OFFERED: like new table - Poway)

* 5. Ontario Freecycle can be used to find new homes for pets - keep it legal and be lovingly careful.

* 6. Send your responses or inquiries ONLY to the person offering the item, not the whole group.

* 7. Arrange pick-up as you see fit. As the giver it's totally up to your discretion to decide where your gift goes. However freecycle is meant to be on a first come first serve basis. Give only to those you feel comfortable with - ask and refuse re-sellers if you wish. Consider giving charities first choice if they respond. Always use caution when dealing with strangers, think twice before giving out phone numbers - addresses and email are generally sufficient. In some instances it may be safer to meet at a public location however that decision is left to the offerer.

* 8. You may want to place a PENDING: notice to let people know that the item is spoken for however not picked up yet.

* 9. Send a "TAKEN: (your item)" message to the group after pickup or a "RECEIVED: (item acquired), to save others needlessly emailing you with inquiries or offers.

*10. Please limit the same WANTED ad of the same requested item, to no more than once a week. Failure to do this will result in posting privileges suspended.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about Freecycle. We're always willing to help.

You may contact us at any time at

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for following these rules.

The Moderators

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