Saturday, October 6, 2012

[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] OFFER: Phone adapters, and misc- Ontario


1. 5 drawers, corrugated board, 34"h x 15d"w x 12"d. I have recovered in wall paper (you can also chg), white and blue strips. very good condition, would be good for crafts, sewing, children clothes, underwear, socks etc.

2. several pair of clip on sunglasses and 1 pr of gold small lense-ladies.

3. 2 car chargers, phone, motorola style older, connector is a little larger than the micro connectors of today. other one is a pin style.

4. 110 charger for motorola phone, the larger than micro size, this is old but still usable.

5. 2 -110 chargers for LG phone. connector is pin style.

6. phone charger with the old 2 prong style connector, not sure what is went to.

7. phone charger with the pin style but hollow in the inside, not sure what it went to.

8. LG phone charger, this connector look thin like the micro connetors of today, but is a little wider.

Come look thru the chargers if you want to, see if any will work for you b/4 committing.

9. black, zippered, credit/card holder for 10-20, change, ID. NEVER USED.

10. 2 little change zippered pockets

11. 3 ladies eyeglass cases, one is larger for sunglasses (hard case)

12. Texas Intruments pocket phone organizer, yeah it's really old school, needs a battery. stores numbers, calulator, appts, alarms, has a keypad like on texting phones. 3" x 5" x 1/2"

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