Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[OntarioCaliforniaFreecycle] Re-Offer: Full size box spring (no mattress) (Rancho Cucamonga)


Moving and I still have somethings leaved since there were a couple of no shows. (Please No Flakes)
1- Full size box spring
2- Baby girls walker is in a shape of a jeep
3- Out-door fire pit that could use some work around it, but still works great for burning wood, paper etc...
4- Fish tank table, needs a paint job, so if your handy this could be a great hobby.
5-A box Lefted over yard sale items, valvet queen size sheets, house phones and some other items.
Please take all and free cycle what ever you don't want. Everything must be picked up today or else it will go to the dumpsters or salvation army.

Thank you,

Happy Holidays!

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