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Beautiful Villa With Charming Interiors

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 09:05 AM PDT

Ideally located at the end of a quiet street, this beautiful villa is assured to attract attention of every passerby. Featuring an area space of three hundred and forty six square feet, the villa is perfect for a big family as it houses 11 spacious rooms. The main entrance of the house leads one to the welcoming hall area which further opens into the other interaction spaces of the house.

The ground floor of the house is occupied by the dining room, three lounges and a huge kitchen space with two entrances. The huge dining room and living room are located at an angle to the kitchen and are ideal for holding social events involving a large group of people. The upper floor of the house can be reached via a beautiful staircase and features four bedrooms, bathroom and a living room.From here, one can reach to the most appealing area of the house – attic area.

The attic area has been amazingly designed and includes a pretty living room, a shower area and bedroom. Another feature of the house which must be mentioned is the coarse cellar area which includes sauna room, technical room, laundry room and ample of storage space.{skeppsholmen}

Maxim 2 in 1 Jug and Scales

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 06:28 AM PDT

As a woman and a mother I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I cook every day. And if I want to try something new and want to respect the exact quantities and ingredients in the cook book then I need all kind of utensils starting with scales, spoons, teaspoons, jugs, cups and so on. But the most difficult challenge for me was to weigh liquids. They were always bottled and the scales showed the weigh of the bottle, too. That was annoying, especially when I was dealing with small quantities of water, oil, etc. But our society evolves permanently and so are all these gadgets and utensils and, to my surprise, I found this incredible combination of jug and scales, both in the same item.

It is a very useful jug with the measurements shown on the transparent plastic it is made of. The handle has a small digital display that will work like scales and show you the weight of what is inside the jug.  SO you will need some batteries if you want this to work properly. You can purchase this item now here for just $35.

Igloo Hotel in Alaska

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 05:05 AM PDT

The old population in the north of Alaska and Canada, the Inuits, had a very unusual, yet very effective way of building their homes: they used the material that was abundant in the area: snow. They made some kind of bricks of snow and glued them together with water that turned into ice immediately. The building was round and had animal skins on the inside, as natural insulation that did not allow the heat from the fire inside to melt the ice outside. Any way, starting from this tradition, some people in Cantwell, Alaska, thought it would be a great idea to build a hotel that looked just like an igloo, as this would certainly attract tourists.

The idea is still great and it does attract tourists, but unfortunately the hotel was never opened. Some say it was because of some money problems and some because it did not match all sanitary and architectural requirements. But no matter what the truth is, even if it changed owners in time, it still stands on the road side, all empty and white like a ghost hotel, with all tourists stopping by to take pictures with it.

Coconut Chair

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 04:06 AM PDT

Nowadays the modern furniture has all kinds of shapes and looks, an unusual design and colour, but this change in the furniture design has started a long time ago, some time back in the 1950s. Even if this seems incredible there were some visionary designers like George Nelson who designed masterpieces which are still produced and admired by people all over the world. One of his most famous works is called the Coconut chair because it looks like a coconut split in four that offers you comfort and beauty.

It is a combination of usefulness, comfort and artistry. The base of this chair is made of chrome and steel and has a leather seat. This offers grace and elegance and the fact that its interior is black and the outside white only enhances this feature. The white finish on the outside is made of fiberglass and this shows a combination of modern and traditional. Even though the source of inspiration is nature and its organic part, the chair is totally modern and simple in structure, even minimalist, but nice-looking. You can buy it now for $325 at Regency Shop.

Nesting Bowls from Heath Ceramics

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 01:59 AM PDT

A normal cook needs a lot of things in the kitchen when preparing a meal and these often include bowls. We use them for placing the different ingredients, for making salads, for making the doe and for storing the nuts, olives or other small things you need in one place. And , of course, you need these bowls to have different sizes, depending on the use. So I think this set of nesting bowls from Heath Ceramics is perfect. First of all the design is great and you can admire the nice yellow colour and the perfectly round edges of the bowls that also have a wide band of brown on the outside.

Then the material used for making them – the ceramics has a lot of other advantages, as they are warm and sturdy, nice to touch and can be used safely in the microwave oven. But no matter what you use them for, these bowls are great looking and very useful, too and if you decide to purchase the whole set you can do this now for $85, directly from the producer’s web site.


Marshmallow Sofa by Irving Harper

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 01:16 AM PDT

Marshmallow sofa is an American modernist classic piece of furniture that has been in production for more than forty years now. This proves that its design has been appreciated by people over the decades thanks to its great look. Actually the original name of the sofa was “Marshmallow love seat” and it was designed by Irving Harper. However, it was produced by Herman Miller in Zeeland, Michigan and after a while it became known all over the world and is still produced as part of “Herman Miller Classics” line.



The sofa is designed in a Modernist manner and it is made up basically of a metal frame with round cushions spread over it. The cushions can be covered with leather , fabric or even vinyl and can be coloured in a single colour or in many different ones combined in a nice way for a funny appearance. It all depends on style and taste. As you can imagine the name of the sofa comes from the round cushions that look like giant coloured marshmallows.

If you love what you see and want to purchase the genuine sofa, you can order it now online directly from the Herman Miller store for $4899. Any way, if you do that you will notice the name of the designer is different – George Nelson. This is a mistake that has recently been corrected as Irving Harper was the designer in Nelson’s company.

Frosted Teal Temporary Wallpaper

Posted: 31 Jul 2011 12:12 AM PDT

Many people prefer painting their house walls white or in different other colours but again many people prefer using wallpaper. I guess it all depends on taste because each version has its own advantages. For example the advantages of using wallpaper are that they are easy to wash and clean and they resist a lot more than a simple whitewash. Besides, you can choose a nice pattern and this adds a lot to the overall interior design of the room. But there was still one problem with wallpaper. Usually it was hard to peel off and it took a lot of work to get it off the walls, so you had to put up with it for a longer time. But what if you got tired of the same wallpaper? Well, some smart people found the answer to this question, too. They invented temporary wallpaper.

This Frosted Teal temporary wallpaper has a great design with the white frosted teal image with a gorgeous blue background. Besides it is temporary, which allows you to peel it off any time and just throw it or simply move it to a different place. This is possible now because of the special adhesive on the back of the wallpaper that allows you to stick the wallpaper to the wall and then peel it off easily and finally re-stick it some place else. It is great. You can now choose your favourite design for temporary wallpaper or buy this one for $84.95.



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